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1. Operating instructions:
Wired connection:
On any interface, the host can insert the corresponding left and right handle rails into the left and right rail slots of the host to achieve wired connection with the host.
Bluetooth connection:
(1). Open the Switch host, click the setup menu button on the main page interface, click the System setings option to enter the next level option menu and then
(2). Click the Airplane Mode option, then click on Controller Connection (bluetooth) to turn the Bluetooth function ON.
(3). Press and hold the PAIR button for 3 seconds to boot into the pairing. LED1-4 flashes in the running light. Open the host home page and click the Controllers menu. Then click Change Grip/Orde to automatically search for the matching handle. After a few seconds, the handle The automatic matching with the host is successful, and the corresponding channel light of the host is always on; after connecting, click the A button and then select Close to exit to the main interface to play the game. After 60 seconds, the unpaired successful handle is turned off. (The host has 4 channels)
2. Back to connect:
(1). When the handle is paired with the same host once and the host Bluetooth is turned on, short press any button to wake up the handle to enter the connection mode (except L3, R3, PAIR), LED1-4 flashes in the water, about After a few seconds, the handle is automatically paired with the host automatically. After the corresponding channel light is always on, the host can start the game operation.
(2) When the handle is in the wired mode, pull out the handle, the handle will automatically connect back to the host, the host will send the corresponding channel to the handle, let the player play the game.
3. Button composition:
(1). Left handle: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, L1, L2, L3, -, SL, SR, PAIR, screen capture and 1 analog 3D joystick.
(2). Right handle: A, B, X, Y, R1, R2, R3, +, HOME, SL, SR, PAIR, and a simulated 3D rocker.
4. Charging:
(1). When the handle is turned off, when the type-c interface of the handle is inserted into the adapter, LED1-4 flashes 2Hz slowly. After fully charged, LED1-4 is always on, and the LED is off after the adapter is removed.
(2). When the handle is online or under, when the handle type-c interface is inserted into the adapter, the host interface will be displayed in the charging state. (Do not charge the handle type-c interface when the handle is in the handheld mode! Avoid damage to the main unit)
5. Material: ABS
6. Weight: about 235g

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